Mangalorean Pundi / Mangalore Style Rice Rava Dumplings

A traditional breakfast in the south Mangalorean regions, these dumplings are healthy and easy to make! Ingredients: Idli rava / rice rava (semolina) – 1 cup Grated coconut- 1/4 cup Boiling water- 3 cups Urad dal – 1 tsp Dried red chilies- 2, broken Curry leaves- A sprig Salt- To taste Ghee/clarified butter- As needed Method:

ഒരു നസ്രാണി വെള്ളയപ്പം (കള്ളപ്പം) / Kerala Style Fermented Rice & Coconut Pancakes

A popular Kerala delicacy, also known as Kallappam-these are traditionally made with semi tender coconut & toddy which acts as a fermenting agent (since toddy is not available easily these days, replaced it with yeast ). These soft white round pleasures are relished with meat or vegetable stews.   Ingredients: Raw rice/pachari – 2 cupsCooked

റോസാപ്പൂ പാലപ്പം / Pretty Pink Lace Hoppers

Add a twist to one of the all time favorite breakfast of Keralites & surprise your loved ones with these outstanding pretty pink fluffy lacey appams with crispy edges!   Ingredients: Beetroot- 1, cut into medium size pieces Raw white rice – 1 cup Cooked rice – 1/2 cup Freshly grated coconut – 1/2 cup Yeast

കേരളമണ്ണിന്റെ തനിമയിൽ പഴകഞ്ഞി / Kerala’s Fermented Rice Gruel (Porridge)

Pazhankanji (Congee) –Kerala’s own superfood & excellent coolant in the hot weather – this nutritious and staple breakfast among the Keralites is an all time favorite!     Ingredients: Cooked leftover rice – 1 cup Green chilies- 1-2 Curd Curry or plain curd – As needed Pickle – of your choice Shallots – 2 Mashed tapioca- As

Thai Style Pineapple Fried Rice

Try this classic Thai delicacy that is truly heavenly! Grains of rice jeweled with chunks of juicy pineapple and veggies creates a taste with a tropical twist!   Ingredients: Pineapple – 1 cup, cut into small tidbits Cooked rice- 3 cups Shallots/pearl onions- 2, finely sliced Garlic pods- 2, finely minced Green chili-1, finely chopped

Puducherry Hotel Karai Style Egg Curry

The city of Pondicherry, now known as Puducherry, has a unique & vibrant fusion of Tamil-French culture which blends eloquently into the cuisine! This is one of the easiest recipes in the local restaurant style-a semi gravy that goes well rice or roti!   Ingredients Eggs- 4, boiled Onions- 2, thinly sliced Ginger- 1″, finely minced

Mushroom Fried Rice

Try this hearty version of a simple, elegant, & satisfying vegetarian main dish!   Ingredients: Basmati rice- 3/4 cup Onion – 1, finely chopped Garlic- 3 pods, finely chopped Green chili – 2, finely chopped Carrot & green beans- 1 cup, finely chopped Mushroom, – 250 g, thinly sliced Capsicum- 1, finely chopped Soya sauce – 1