Banana Blueberry Pancakes

Simple & delicious high-protein pancakes that are easy to make! Ingredients: Pancake mix- 2 cupsEggs- 2, lightly beatenMilk – 1-1/2 cupsRipe bananas- 3, mashedVanilla extract – 1 tspFresh or frozen blueberries – 1 cup Butter- As needed Method: In a large bowl, mix together the pancake mix, eggs, milk, bananas and vanilla extract just until

Biscoff Banana Oats Bread Muffin Cups

A surprise fun twist on a classic banana bread flavor!     Ingredients: Regular oats – 1 cup All purpose flour – 1/2 cup Ripe bananas- 3 Baking soda -1 tsp Brown sugar- 1/2 cup (optional) Biscoff spread/Cookie Notti spread- 2 tbsp (optional) Lotus biscuits – 5-6 Sweetened coconut flakes- 2-3 tbsp Honey/maple syrup – 1

Nutella Stuffed French Toast Sticks

“You are the French to my toast!” These decadent French toast sticks are sure to make a super yummy breakfast & are simply irresistible!   Ingredients: Whole wheat bread slices- 6 Nutella – 6-8 tbsp Eggs- 3 Milk – 1/2 cup Sugar – 2 tsp Vanilla extract – 1 tsp Maple syrup/honey – As needed

Skinny Baked Citrus French Toasts

Ingredients: White sandwich bread: 6 slices Egg, regular: 3 Milk: 1 cup Orange juice: ¼ cup Orange zest: 1 tbsp Sugar: 1 tbsp Ground cinnamon: 1 tsp Ground nutmeg: ½ tsp Salt: 1/8 tsp Butter/Oil: 1/2 tbsp for greasing (optional) To serve: Maple syrup Butter Fresh strawberry Method: Take the large mixing bowl and crack