Yummy Kheema Naan / Flatbread Stuffed with Minced Lamb

Delicious flatbread that is meaty and savory packed with tons of flavor that makes you to devour and hibernate for the rest of the day!   Ingredients: All-purpose flour/maida – 500 g Lamb mince – 1 kg Onion – 1, finely chopped Garlic – 4 pods, finely chopped Ginger -1″, finely chopped Green chilies –

Karachi Mutton Biriyani

An extremely tasty & popular recipe from Karachi, the capital city of Pakistan. Try this aromatic yellow spicy rice dish with a delightfully intoxicating aroma & the prickly flavor of spices making the taste buds feel like having a surprise party in your mouth!    Ingredients: Lamb/mutton- 1 kg, cut into small bite size pieces

Seekh Kebabs / Pakistani Style Spicy Grilled Ground Meat Skewers

These succulent & flavorful kebabs are a popular Pakistani appetizer made of minced beef or lamb, marinated in a balanced spice blend, and then grilled to make them mouthwatering!      Ingredients: Ground meat (beef/lamb) – 500 g Onion – 1, roughly chopped Green chilies – 1, roughly chopped Ginger-garlic paste – 1 tsp Garam