Savory Beetroot Paniyarams

Gorgeous pink colored savory dumplings that can be made part of a healthy breakfast or snack! Ingredients: Beetroot -1 cup, finely gratedDosa batter – 2 cupsOnion-1, finely choppedGinger-garlic paste- 1 tspMustard seeds- 1/4 tspDry red chili flakes – 1/2 tspCurry leaves- A small sprig, finely choppedCoriander leaves- A small bunch, finely choppedSalt- To tasteOil- As

റോസാപ്പൂ പാലപ്പം / Pretty Pink Lace Hoppers

Add a twist to one of the all time favorite breakfast of Keralites & surprise your loved ones with these outstanding pretty pink fluffy lacey appams with crispy edges!   Ingredients: Beetroot- 1, cut into medium size pieces Raw white rice – 1 cup Cooked rice – 1/2 cup Freshly grated coconut – 1/2 cup Yeast

Pink Uttappam / South Indian Style Beetroot Pancakes

An absolute delicious & healthy breakfast – thick pancakes loaded with veggie power!   Ingredients: Dosa batter- 2 cups Beetroot-2, grated Onion-1, finely chopped Green chilies- 2, finely chopped Cilantro- A small bunch, finely chopped Cumin powder- 1/4 tsp Salt- To taste Ghee/clarified butter- As needed Method: In a large bowl, add the dosa batter,

Beetroot Thoran / Kerala Style Grated Beetroot Stir Fry

A simple, healthy, delicious, & colorful coconut based stir fry that is easy to make!   Ingredients: Beetroot : 1 large, shredded Shallots : 2-3, thinly sliced Garlic pods: 2, crushed Green chilies : 3, finely chopped Cumin Seeds : 1/4 tsp Grated coconut : 1/4 cup Turmeric powder : 1/4 tsp Mustard seeds : 1/2 tsp

Beetroot Poriyal (Thoran) / Tamil Brahmin Style Beetroot Stir Fry

Healthy, tasty, & colorful, steamed beets stir fry with coconut and spices that is easy to prepare and nutritious too!   Ingredients : Beetroots – 2, peeled & chopped into small cubes Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp Sambar powder – 2 tsp Urad dal/split and husked black gram – 1 tsp Channa dal/bengal gram- 1/2 tsp 1

Healthy Beetroot Spinach Tikkis / Cutlets

A healthy vegetarian appetizer dish that will satisfy your spicy cravings for a light snack. These flavorful patties are prepared by a delectable combination of colorful beets & leafy spinach using Indian spices.     Ingredients: Beetroot – 1, finely grated Spinach – 1 cup, finely chopped Onion – 1, finely chopped Bread slices – 6,

Beetroot Chapati / Beetroot Roti / Indian Style Beetroot Flatbread

A delicious & healthy recipe with a new dimension to the sweet beetroot which is blended to a fine paste and mixed with dough to make the rotis. . This is a  kid friendly recipe that has a twist to the regular roti.  It tastes awesome and is packed full of nutrition.   Ingredients: Beetroot – 1

Spaghetti with Beet Balls

Beets are high in immune-boosting vitamin C, fiber, and essential minerals. Beets and beans make a twist to the traditional meatballs into “beet balls”. The beet balls are not only luminously purple, but they are nicely dense and packed with flavour from the toasted walnuts and herbs, which pair beautifully with the beets. Ingredients: For