One Pot Keema Biryani / Ground Beef Biryani

The beginning of winter calls for warm dishes and comforting flavors, and this flavorful and mouthwatering one pot rice dish hits the mark!   Ingredients: Basmati rice – 2 cups Ground beef- ½ kg Onions – 5, thinly sliced thin Tomatoes- 2, finely chopped Ginger-garlic paste- 1 tsp Green chilies- 2-3, finely chopped Chili powder-

രതീഷ് എഴുനേൽക്കു രതീഷ് / Kerala Style Sweet Plantain Fritters with Spicy Beef Curry

Sweet & ripe plantain fritters served with spicy beef curry is an unique combo to the gourmets who are in constant search of new tastes!   Ingredients: Nendrapazham/ripe plantains – 2 All purpose flour/maida – 1-1/2 cups Rice powder – 1-1/2 tbsp Dosa batter – 1-1/2 tbsp Sugar – 4-5 tbsp Black sesame seeds- 1/2

Onam 2019 – Malabari Nonveg Onasadhya

    On my banana leaf- Methi papad Basmati Rice Sambar Malabari chicken biryani Meen thengapal curry – fish in coconut milk Beef ularthiyathu – spicy beef dry roast Thattukada beef curry Lololikka pickle Jackfruit chips Vendakka kichadi – fried okra in coconut sauce Thattukada chicken fry Fish fry Lemon pepper chicken Mutton stew Banana

കട്ടപ്പനയിലെ ഹൃതിക്‌റോഷന്റെ ബീഫ് ഉലർത് / Kerala Style High Range Beef Fry

Tender chunks of beef cooked with aromatic spices, grated coconut, and cashew nuts makes this classic Kerala style beef fry a unique delicious signature dish!   Ingredients: Beef- 1 kg, cut into small cubes Shallots/pearl onions- 1/4 kg, thinly sliced Garlic pods- 5, finely minced Ginger- 1″ pieces, finely minced Red chilies- 1 tbsp, crushed

ഒടിയൻ ഒളിച്ച പൊറോട്ട കിഴി / Beef Curry Wrapped in Kerala Parotta

This recipe has been inspired from a WhatsApp video that was forwarded during the Holiday season.   The great ‘Kerala Parotta’ or ‘Barota’ is a sure thing of immense joy.  These flaky thin layers traps the rich meaty curries & provide the perfectly delicious crisp-soft cover for enveloping the tender pieces of beef cooked with stir

പാപ്പി അച്ചായന്റെ ബീഫ് പൊടി മസാല / Kerala Style Beef Fry in Roasted Coconut Masala

An authentic toddy shop style beef dish with a unique flavor of roasted coconut and aromatic spices infused into the meat making it a Malayalee favorite!   Ingredients: Beef – 1/2 kg, cut into small cubes Onion – 2, thinly sliced Shallots/pearl onions – 6, thinly sliced Ginger-garlic paste – 1 tsp Green chilies- 2,

കാസർക്കോട് ഖാദർ ഭായി വക ബീഫ് പള്ളി കറി / Kasaragod Style Beef Palli Curry

This Eid speciality dish is from the northern region of Malabar, Kasaragod, also known as the land of beaches, rivers, hills and forts. It is served in the mosques of Kasaragod during the festive with its ultimate combo – ghee rice.   Ingredients: Beef – 1 kg, cut into small cubes Onion – 2, thinly sliced Tomato