About Me

Welcome to Little Hearts

No matter where you are in the world,
the common experience that brings us together is food- Julia Child.

Myself, Jessy, a full-time daughter, sister, wife, and mother of my amazing kids with a passion to cook. I hail from Kerala, one of the beautiful southern states in India, widely called as “God’s Own Country.”

My busy world revolves around my family & friends. I love being in the kitchen, trying new and tasty food for my loved ones, and my biggest reward is the expression that I see on my loved ones’ faces after they taste the food I cook- some awesome & some awful!

I learnt cooking mostly by experience. The internet and blogs are my gurus-my mom & kids being my helpers always, & my family and friends being the true “guinea pigs” for testing out my recipes. I have tried different recipes from different blogs across the internet. I took from the internet, hence it’s only right that I give something back to WWW-to share what I’ve learnt so that others may learn too! I always love sharing my cooking experiences. I am not an expert, but I’ll try to share what I know. It was the inspiration from some of my friends and family to share the recipes and learn new culinary ideas that gave birth to “LITTLE HEARTS”!

With the busy life schedule, I tend to forget the ingredients I’ve added while making a dish, so Little Hearts is my cooking journal too. Little Hearts offers easy, traditional, authentic, tried, and tested recipes that works. I have also included pics of foods where my little chefs have helped me!

I greatly appreciate your feedbacks and comments. And I hope you enjoy your time here!

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Happy Cooking !