Gajar Halwa Spring Rolls

A melt-in-your-mouth smash hit carrot-based dessert that’s sure to impress everyone because of how sophisticated it looks and how flavorful it is!

Freshly grated carrots – 2 cups
Full fat milk – 1/2 litre
Cardamom powder – 1 tsp
Sugar – 1/2 cup
Saffron strands- A small pinch
Almonds/cashews- ½ cup, coarsely chopped
Raisins- ¼ cup
Cardamon pods- 4, crushed
Ghee/clarified butter – As needed
Spring roll sheets – 10
All purpose flour/maida – 2 tbsp
Water- As needed
Oil- As needed for deep frying

Method: Heat a pan. Add ghee and fry the chopped nuts and raisins. Drain them onto a paper towel. Add some more ghee if needed and add the grated carrots. Fry for 5-7 mins until the carrots are well toasted. Add milk & sugar to this and mix well. Gently simmer for about an hour until the carrots soften and cook well, stirring occasionally. (You can also cook the carrots in the slow cooker for about 1-2 hours). The milk thickens and the carrots will be cooked well. To this, add 2 tbsp of butter, crushed cardamom, saffron, and the fried nuts and raisins. Cook for another 10 mins and remove from flame.

Make a slurry with the maida and 2 tbsp of water. Keep this aside.

The spring roll sheets tend to dry up fast, so keep them under a wet cloth to retain the moisture. Take a spring roll sheet and put a spoonful of the gajar ka halwa on sheet placing it diagonally in the shape of a cigar roll. Start rolling the sheet really tightly covering the halwa from one corner of the sheet, so that the oil does not get in the rolls when frying. Apply the thick slurry on adjacent edges of the sheet and cover it as tight as possible. Repeat the process with the remaining gajar halwa and sheets. Heat oil enough for deep frying in a heavy bottomed vessel. Deep fry the halwa spring rolls on medium flame till they turn golden in color. Drain them onto a paper towel. Gently brush them with honey glaze on all the sides. Garnish with slivered nuts & enjoy!

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