Street Food Style Mutta Dosa

Egg Dosa-fermented crepes made from rice batter & lentils and topped with the goodness of eggs make this a perfect protein rich breakfast!

Dosa Batter- 1/2 cup
Eggs/Mutta- 3
Black pepper powder-1 tsp
Ghee/clarified butter-As needed
Salt – To taste

Method: In a small bowl, beat the egg with salt and pepper. Keep this aside. Smear ghee on a hot tawa. Pour a ladle of the dosa batter on tawa and spread the batter to a thin layer. Lightly sprinkle ghee at the edges of dosa. Pour the egg mixture on top of the batter and spread it thinly all over the dosa. Cover with a lid and cook until the eggs are almost cooked & crisp on one side. Gently flip to the other side and cook for a minute. Transfer to a serving plate and serve hot with chutney or sambar. Repeat the process with the remaining batter and eggs. Enjoy!

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