Danish Style Orange Cream Cheese Ebelskivers

Treat yourself to these delightful balls of Danish breakfast love stuffed with orange cream cheese!

Pancake mix – 1 cup
Orange juice – 1/2 cup
Eggs- 2
Cream cheese – 1/2 cup
Sugar- 3 tbsp
Grated orange zest – 1 tsp
Milk- 1/2 cup
Unsalted butter- 3 tsp

Method: In a bowl, whisk together the cream cheese, 1 tbsp of sugar, and orange zest until it is smooth. Keep this aside.

In another bowl, mix together the pancake mix, eggs, orange juice, the remaining sugar, milk, and melted butter until a smooth batter without lumps is formed. Leave it aside for 5-10 mins. Heat the ebelskiver pan or paniyaram pan and grease it with melted butter. Gently pour 1/2 tbsp of the prepared batter into each mould of the paniyaram pan. Carefully spoon 1 tsp of the prepared cream cheese filling into the center of each ebelskiver. Cook until the bottom crusts are golden brown. Using a wooden skewer , carefully flip the ebelskivers and cook until the undersides are golden brown. When they are done, the ebelskivers should be golden in color and a skewer inserted deep into the pancakes, avoiding the filling, should come out clean. Remove the ebelskivers from the pan. Repeat the process for the remaining batter. Dust the ebelskivers with powdered sugar (optional) and serve them drizzled with honey.

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