Mini Teddy Bear Race Cars

Get these cute miniature teddy bear racing cars on the grid for your kid’s party and you will be super popular with the little ones. Kids will absolutely love making these fun treats.


Mini chocolate bars -15 (mars/milky way bars)
Teddy graham biscuits – 1 pack, honey flavour
Smarties/M&Ms/skitties – 1 bag
Nutella- As needed

Method: Sort the smarties into colors. Remove the wrappers from the chocolate bars. Cut the teddy biscuits into half at the belly button using a sharp knife. Carefully spread a small drop of nutella to glue 4 smarties to resemble ‘wheels’ on each car. Place on the serving tray. Gently glue the teddy on top of the chocolate bar using nutella. Glue a candy using nutella in the front of each Teddy to resemble “steering wheel”. Repeat the process for all the candy bars and teddys. Serve them on their own or use them as cars on a racetrack birthday cake and enjoy seeing the smiling faces!

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