Eggless No-bake Mango Biscuit Pudding



200 gram pack of graham crackers
150 ml of cream (I used Nestle cream)
200 grams of condensed milk (half a tin, approx)
3 cups of finely chopped, ripe mangoes
3 tbsp of ricotta cheese (optional)
200 grams of canned mixed fruits (optional)

Method: In a bowl, mix the cream and condensed milk together. In a wide rectangular container (either glass or plastic), start layering the biscuits without overlapping. Evenly pour about 1/3 of the cream and condensed milk mixture over this biscuit layer. Add an even layer of chopped mango pieces over the cream and biscuit layers. On top of this, add another layer of biscuits. Pour another 1/3 of the cream mixture. Add more mangoes on top. Repeat this once more with biscuits, then cream mixture, then fruits, ending with 1-2 tbsp of cream mixture to drizzle on top of the fruits. For the top layer, use mixed fruits or mangoes.

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