Easy Cucumber Sandwich


  1. Cream cheese – 1/2Cup

  2. Garlic,minced- 1/8 tsp

  3. Fresh dill, chopped-  1 tbsp 

  4. Whole wheat bread- 8 to 10 slices

  5. Butter- as required

  6. Cucumber,sliced-1/2 of a large

  7. Black pepper powder- to taste

  8. Salt- to taste

Method:  In a bowl combine together cream cheese,garlic,dill and salt to taste.Mix well until smooth. Spread a thin layer of butter onto each slice.( this will keep the bread from getting soggy).

Spread the prepared cream cheese mixture evenly on each piece of the bread. Evenly distribute the cucumber slices on 4 (or 5) slices of bread and sprinkle pepper powder on top. Press the other bread slices,cream cheese mixture side down on top of the cucumber slices. Trim the crusts from the sandwiches,if desired.Cut into half and serve.

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